Photography Akos Major

Ivo Ivanov is a seasoned sound designer and electronic musician with over 20 years of experience.  He is best known for his vast creative contributions to Glitchmachines, where he is the Founder, Creative Director and Lead Sound Designer. In addition to running Glitchmachines for over a decade, Ivo has also worked with numerous creative audio companies such as Ableton, Native Instruments, Tiptop Audio, SoundMorph, Twisted Tools, K-Devices, Soundsnap and Plugin Boutique.

Ivo earned his Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Audio Engineering from the Expression College for Digital Arts in California. He subsequently spent five years working with the SAE Institute of Technology in San Francisco, where he wore many hats including Campus Director, Director of Education and Head of the Audio Technology and Electronic Music Production programs. He also worked as the Advanced Synthesis & Sound Design Instructor with Pyramind in San Francisco.

Ivo's forward-thinking sound design has been featured in numerous sound effects libraries, games and software plugins. His creative tools are used by game companies, post production facilities, recording studios and artists across the globe.