Ivo Ivanov was drawn to computer technology and electronic music in the mid-1980s. This interest inspired him to undertake the study of audio engineering and electronic music production, which he began to pursue vehemently as a young teenager. Ivo kept himself deeply submerged in a variety of electronic sub-genres throughout his youth, always chasing new ideas in the name of technical and creative innovation.

Concerned by the state of the rapidly changing music industry at the turn of the century, Ivo decided against the prospect of releasing his music. Instead, he continued to develop his audio engineering skills while focusing on solidifying a career as a professional sound designer.  

Today, his bold ideas within the scope of electronic music production can be exemplified by concepts that encompass over two decades worth of experience and perspective.  2017 will finally see the release of his debut album, TERATOMA, shortly followed by a full length Arcrodot album. 



Ivo Ivanov's genre-bending hybrid electronic music project.  Forward thinking concepts illustrated by the culmination of intricate creative and technical ideas he has cultivated over the course of two decades.



Ivo's music also manifests itself under his long-running alter ago, Acrodot. A reimagined spin on synthwave & electro, inspired by the classic synthesizers, drum machines and video games of his youth.